STARSHINE: 13th February 2018 - 24th October 2018

Having performed on stage from an early age and serving several seasons as a Blue Coat, entertainer and man of many voices Ben Nickless is this season�s headline act. Starshine is yet another fast-paced, action-packed, laugh-a-minute show which moves effortlessly from song and dance, to magic, to comedy and back again. But I�m afraid you have to wait until nearly the end of the show to see my absolute favourite performance � all I will say is what happens when you take Ben Nickless, an old record player and Elvis. Comedic genius! Rose Howes: Mid Devon Advertiser, 2018

Starshine is fronted by popular comedy act Ben Nickless who held the whole evening together with an impressive range of impressions and comedy routines. Sarah O'Connor: Herald Express, 2018

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