STARLIGHT: 10th February 2015 - 21st October 2015

Comedy is largely in the hands of Phil Lowen and Ben Nickless. Nickless showcases his impressionist skills with the 'Celebrity Alphabet - 26 impressions from Z to A' in five minutes. His rendition of When I Fall in Love, learned from a damaged record complete with glitches, is a gem. But his best and most risque piece is a hilarious silent magic act - conjuring an assortment of objects from his open flies while looking at the audience in innocent incomprehension at their escalating hysterics. Champagne impresses as high-collared Harry Hill in a Stars in their Eyes skit - including Walker as Kate Bush and Nickless as Dolly Parton, complete with bouncing pneumatic boobs. The Full Monty line-up of Lowen, Champagne, Nickless and Cobley as they struggle with their garments in 'You Can Keep your Hat On' was another classic from a company where versatility is key to this enjoyable celebration of variety. (Roger Malone: The Stage, 26/02/2015)

The show was fast paced with a fabulous mix of song, dance and quick fire comedy turns. Glamorous sets provided the perfect backdrop for the six main stars, the gorgeous Danze Chique team plus the adorable Kidsz & Co. The packed house was mesmerised one moment and howling with laughter the next. Ben Nickless, who managed 26 hilarious impressions in 5 minutes, brilliantly complemented zany headline act Phil Lowen. (Julian Rees: English Riviera Magazine, 27/02/2015)

Starlight is a wonderful family variety show - full of laughter, dancing, music and a fantastic array of entertainers. Ben Nickless was a comedy genius with a whole host of impressions along with the comedy talents Paul Cobley & Wayne Champagne. (Jamie Sinclair, What's On South Devon, 04/2015)

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