SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS - 18th December 2016 - 14th January 2017

Lesley Joseph is a sheer joy to watch. Comfortably in command whether employed in a spot of amorous mischief, firing off various spells or chastising the audience for the misfortune of being Plymothians. If Joseph is the conquering queen of hisses and boos, then Ben Nickless is the king of comedy. Playing the part of Muddles, Nickless is a wonderful, versatile comic. A master of madcap routines, he delivers them with an infectious mix of cheeky chappy back-chat and spot-on impressions. Plymouth Herald, 12/2016

Hand on heart I can honestly say this was the best pantomime I have been to - and it's not just because Duncan James had his top ripped off him revealing his perfectly toned torso. Making the perfect pantomime sounds simple in theory because they are always based on tried and tested popular stories, and the traditional elements are always the same. But in reality, getting it right is no easy feat and I've had to sit through some dire ones in the past. In fact, there were so many unforgettable moments to mention. Aside from the hilarious scene between Lesley Joseph (Queen Lucretia) and Duncan James (Prince Duncan of Devon) where they sing Can't Take My Eyes Off You, and she manages to thankfully rid him of his shirt, so much laughter was also created by the unforgettable Ben Nickless (Muddles). I'd happily go to a show just to see him, but I'm not sure the man in the front row would agree who was the main target for his water pistol scene. Anita Merritt, Exeter Express and Echo, 12/2016

Lesley Joseph and Ben Nickless shine in a production positively glittering with panto pizzazz. Joseph is a Machiavellian marvel as Queen Lucretia, doling out liberal doses of evil with impish aplomb. Nickless excels as Muddles - a versatile comic revelling in his madcap routines with an infectious mix of cheeky chappie back-chat and spot-on impressions. Roger Malone, The Stage, 12/2016

All credit goes to Ben Nickless as Muddles for his contribution. He was relentless in his pursuit of a laugh and turned a sober, mixed bag of a pre Christmas weeknight audience into a bunch of shrieking kids. He rattled through silly sight gags, delivered puns with aplomb and entertained with a succession of clever impersonations. Su Carroll, What's On Stage, 12/2016

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