HEATWAVE: 15th February 2011 - 19th October 2011

Impressionist Ben Nickless returns after several seasons’ absence with a polished performance that has grown much more in confidence and style. His squeaky voice is infectiously funny and his impressions are spot on. Amy Winehouse is first up in a raunchy take on the wild woman of pop. Then we have Cliff Richard tackling the hits of today followed by an outrageous Dolly Parton - complete with singing boobs. Nickless shows that as well as lampooning the stars he can tug at our heart strings with his touching portrayal of Norman Wisdom singing Don’t Laugh At Me Cos I’m a Fool. (The Stage by Roger Malone)

A QUARTER of a century of sussing out your audience has delivered Heatwave, the best Colin Matthews production I've seen (and I've sat through a few). Production values hit the mark at every stage. I'm not quite sure how you'd better it as a variety show. There's new material from productions not on the West End Stage yet, young talent developed under guidance, innovative lighting and staging, traditional variety humour with a new edge, great choreography, and a hand-picked bunch of entertainers that, together, are the best combination I've seen. Plus it's hilarious. Take Ben Nickless for instant. His Amy Winehouse, Anne Robinson and Michael Jackson sketches brought the house down. I've seen the Ronan Keating routine before and found the anticipation actually made it even funnier.(Herald Express by Jon Paul Hedge)

Funny man Ben Nickless is a real giggle and every time he took to the stage you can't help but smile. His antics and impersonations of the likes of Anne Robinson, Ronan Keating and Michael Jackson were hilarious. (The Mid Devon Advertiser by Dawn Ellis)

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