BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - 9th December 2017 - 14th January 2018

Ben Nickless makes a welcome return to Nottingham as Belle's sidekick Benny Blumenthal, holding the show together he proves why he's still one of the funniest performers in panto. Nottingham Live by Tanya Louise, 12/2017

As always, the comedy moments proved the biggest hits, with cheeky Ben Nickless - back for his fourth panto at the Theatre Royal - perfectly nailing a routine where his Apple watch filled in his missing words. Then later on his DVD collection provided some rather apt (if not altogether safe-for-work) commentary on panto dame Andrew Ryan's night out with some poor fella in the front row of the stalls. Nottingham Post by Patrick Astell, 12/2017

Comedy is always king at panto time and the stars of the show in this fledgling run were Ben Nickless as Benny Blumenthal and Andrew Ryan, who played larger-than-life Dame Betty Blumenthal. The duo were the glue that held the show together, and with fabulous comedy timing, superb audience interaction, a boundless energy and tip-top chemistry, they were outstanding., 12/2017

The stars that make the panto special though are Ben Nickless and Andrew Ryan, Ben's comic timing and impressions were some of the highlights of the show.Yorkshire Times by Graham Clark, 12/2017

The very popular Ben Nickless proves a huge hit with the children in the audience with his youthful energy, daft jokes and constant impersonations.East Midlands Theatre by Philip Lowe, 12/2017

Holding together a show that is, in essence, a vehicle for the pairing of Andrew Ryan as the brazen Dame Betty Blumenthal and Ben Nickless - a returning Nottingham favourite - as her hapless son, Benny. They're a multi-talented duo and there are some outrageous and well-timed comic sequences.The Stage by Pat Ashworth, 12/2017

Impressionist Ben Nickless does a cracking job as the character the kids can get behind.Left Lion by Adrian Reynolds, 12/2017

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