ALADDIN - 5th December 2015 - 10th January 2016

He may not have top billing but, undoubtedly, once again, Ben Nickless is the star of the show for me as Wishee Washee. (Lisa, Things to do in Nottinhamshire, 10/12/2015)

The unsung hero is Theatre Royal Panto stalwart Ben Nickless, whose cheeky style of comedy held the show together and had the audience in stitches. (, 7/12/2015)

This show is given true warmth, timing, pace and Star power by comic powerhouse Ben Nickless. Nickless who is without a doubt the backbone, savour & spirit of this polished production. 'The shopping list', is genius and was nailed effortlessly by Nickless. (Alex Belfield, Celebrity Radio, 6/12/2015)

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