ALADDIN - 5th December 2015 - 10th January 2016

There are returning old friends in Christopher Biggins (pictured) as Widow Twankey and Ben Nickless (Wishee Washee). But the star is Nickless, who carries the show along. He has a wonderful rapport with the children and repeats his success in similar roles over the past two Yuletide visits to Nottingham., 8/12/2015

He may not have top billing but, undoubtedly, once again, Ben Nickless is the star of the show for me as Wishee Washee. With uncanny impressions and quick one-liners, he is never stuck for words and his fast-talking dialogues have been a quintessential part of the last 3 years' pantos at the Theatre Royal. Lisa, Things to do in Nottinhamshire, 10/12/2015

The unsung hero is Theatre Royal Panto stalwart Ben Nickless, whose cheeky style of comedy held the show together and had the audience in stitches. A brilliantly done panto seems a fitting end to the year. Don't miss this one, It's a magical carpet ride into Christmas., 7/12/2015

With legend Chris Biggins leading the cast and Simon Webbe appearing for the first time in the genre - this show is given true warmth, timing, pace and Star power by comic powerhouse Ben Nickless. The gags are older than the 150 year old theatre and naturally more cringe worthy than hysterical, however, they're delivered with ease by (mainly) Nickless who is without a doubt the backbone, savour & spirit of this polished production. 'The shopping list', is genius and was nailed effortlessly by Nickless. Alex Belfield, Celebrity Radio, 6/12/2015

The most entertainment for me came from Ben Nickless who was on form from start to finish as Aladdin's sibling, Wishee Washee. He brought belly laughs a plenty with each and every line and had the audiences young and old in stitches. He even managed to pull uncanny but hilarious impressions out of the bag along the way. Natalie, Experience Nottinghamshire, 9/12/2015

Twankey is of course often joined by Wishee Washee, played flawlessly by Ben Nickless. Nickless, who has an uncanny knack for impressions, certainly gave the audience the most laughs, not only entertaining the children but keeping the adults in stitches for the duration of the evening. Not one cast member lets down the strong performances of Biggins and Nickless (or the efforts of The Twins FX); what they may lack in comedic value they make up for in pure talent. You must go and see it...oh yes you must! Floss Binks, Impact Nottingham, 8/12/2015

Ben Nickless is great getting the crowd rolling in the aisles with some of the fastest dialogue delivery I have ever heard. There were laughs for all ages and rapturous applause at the final curtain. I'd recommend to see Aladdin in its five week run. It's something that delights young and old alike. Adam Willis, Nottingham Live, 10/12/2015

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